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The easiest and most accurate way to get Yandex SERPs for different locations

For further accuracy, always use this tool in a new incognito/private session to not rely on cookies.

To inspect mobile Yandex SERPs from a desktop device, once you open the new generated SERP, open your browser console, toggle the device bar, select device model and refresh
To inspect desktop Yandex SERPs from a mobile device, once you open the new generated SERP, enable "Request desktop site" in your browser settings.

SHERPA Inspector is a free and accurate Yandex SERP Checker to help professionals with international and local search engine activities such as SEO and Paid Search (SEM/SEA).

This is also a great tool for personal purposes: for example, are you planning your next trip? get the most relevant info and services (such as restaurants, hairdressers...) for that particular location.

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